Scioto County Dog Shelter Receives Anonymous Donation

SCIOTO — The Scioto County Dog Shelter received an anonymous donation Wednesday morning.

The donation will cover the $83 adoption fee for each dog in the shelter.

“I was shocked,” said Brandy Ratcliff, the county’s dog sitter and lifeguard coordinator. “We have 36 dogs here.”

Those interested in adopting must complete an application in person.

“After the application, although the adoption fee is paid, you still need to purchase the county dog ​​tag for $12 and go to Shawnee Animal Hospital and pay $45 for neutering and neutering “, Ratcliff said.

Ratcliff hopes the donation will inspire more people to choose adoption.

“Hopefully we get some dogs out of here and into good homes, hopefully we can empty the shelter before the holidays,” Ratcliff said. “I don’t know if that would be possible because all the shelters in Ohio are full right now.”

The Scioto County Dog Shelter currently has 25 cages and approximately 36 dogs in need of homes.

The majority of dogs at the shelter are Pit Bulls or Pit Bull mixes.

Ratcliff said that since working there, the pound has been under a 2% euthanasia rate.

“Since we’re under a 2% rate, we’re considered a no-kill shelter,” Ratcliff said. “We have to euthanize extremely aggressive dogs, the ones we can’t work with, but we’re below 2 per cent.”

Ratcliff said the shelter has seen strong turnout since announcing the adoption fee donation.

“Please be responsible, keep your dog confined to your property, neuter him and get your county dog ​​tags, and all of this could be avoided,” Ratcliff said.

Sierra’s Haven also received an anonymous donation.

“Thank you to an anonymous donor who has offered to pay up to $100 for dog or cat adoption fees through Saturday, October 30. We are open 10-4 today and tomorrow.

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