See Before and After Photos of Indiana Dog’s Miraculous Recovery

It’s not uncommon for people like me, people who post content online every day, to use words in headlines meant to grab your attention. Let’s be real, I want you to read my articles. Sometimes – NEVER by me – these headlines can be a little misleading, and articles – again, NEVER by me – can be disappointing. I’m here to tell you, right now, this is NOT one of those times – the title is NOT misleading and the article is NOT disappointing.

This girl has MOXIE

MOXIE (pronounced mox-ee) is a name that means “strength of character, determination or nerve”. When you see the before and after photos below, you’ll understand why a more perfect name has never been given to a dog. MOXIE is a one and a half year old Boxer/Pitty/Anatolian Shepherd mix who weighs around 60 pounds. MOXIE was in really bad shape when she arrived Pound Puppies PC in Mt. Vernon, Indiana a little over three months ago. From the looks of it, “in very poor condition” seems like a big understatement. Use the words you want to describe it before condition – the one word I have no problem using to describe it after the state is miraculous.

What is MOXIE’s current condition?

According to an update on the PC Pound Puppies Facebook Page, MOXIE’s infections are all but gone, almost all of her hair has returned, and she’s gained that much-needed 20 pounds. MOXIE is about halfway through six months of heartworm treatment, and she needs the oil and Apoquel in her food once a day, most likely for the rest of her life. All of his necessary checks have been completed, except for his sterilization, which will be done after his heartworm treatment.

The most important thing to say about MOXIE is that she is ready for adoption! Her adoption fee is $175, which covers deworming, vaccines, neutering, heartworm testing, and microchipping. If you want to adopt MOXIE, you must first complete an application at Visit PC Puppies on Facebook to learn more about this girl’s sweet personality.

Are you ready to see miraculous MOXIE?

Before and after photos of Moxie’s miraculous recovery

Moxie is the perfect name for this pup – a sweet girl determined to never give up. Her recovery is nothing short of miraculous, and we have the before and after photos to prove it. Your eyes and your brain will try to convince you that they are two different dogs, but I promise you it’s the same dog – it’s MOXIE.

Just a warning that the “before” photos might be hard for some people to watch, but just know that she’s fine now

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