Shaggy dog ​​stories: Eternal homes and new arrivals capture the hearts of ADANA shelter staff on Spain’s Costa del Sol

For the past few months, this opening paragraph has served as a short preamble, aimed at immersing you in a comfortable and (hopefully) amusing story about some of ADANA’s many wonderful dogs.

At the beginning of June, after reading the last article, someone adopted one of the dogs presented, so now it is rather a very sincere thank you to all those who participated in their publication, as well as to all those who sought to promote and share them.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, Kujo, a calm and affectionate mastiff, has a new family.

The 2020s being what they are, every silver liner must have its cloud, and that cloud comes in the small but sturdy form of Bulé, Kujo’s pen pal, a pretty and clever sharpei cross.

For all those who walk on two legs, Bulé is a delight; gentle, affectionate and so gentle that she will receive a treat with her lips rather than her teeth.

Her teeth, her claws and her significant muscles, she reserves them for those who walk on all fours, especially other female dogs.

Bule is looking for a new cellmate!

It’s a joke, among the volunteers, that Bulé is short for “Bulldozer” because, if she has the mind to charge, nothing will stand in her way.

Not too long ago she would fly over any dog ​​that came within range but over time she has slowly improved and now she will intelligently assess even the most restless, cool, unflappable and conspicuous dog. daring to approach it. Invariably he won’t, evolution having provided him with impressive survival instincts.

Calm and gentle, Kujo has always been the only dog ​​Bulé would accept as a feather buddy, but resources dictate that she must now share her feather with a new partner, so our summer mission will be to socialize Búle. What a great job we love a challenge so much!

Big dog adoptions, it turns out, are like buses – Andalusian buses that arrive three times a month – and also get the home and family they deserved, were London and Zack, two adorable (big) pups whose stories have been covered in previous articles.

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Zack and London were adopted together.

The two had been feather mates since Zack arrived about two months ago, so when a potential adopter wanted to meet Zack, she saw them playing and adopted them both, not wanting to separate the two friends. .

However, the 2020s rule continues to apply and so as three of the big guys leave, a brand new, three big guy arrives.

Venus, Jupiter and Marté are the new arrivals; a litter of three friendly, beautifully marked Mastiff puppies, still young enough to show the endearing, lanky, silly clumsiness common to puppies of the breed. Already their individual characters are clear to all:

20220603 173802
Jupiter is white and Venus is closest, with Marté in the middle

Marté is the tallest and also the shyest of the three, although sympathetic and affectionate once the ice is broken. He is very happy to meet other dogs and walks well when persuaded, calmly and attentively crossing your path, constantly forcing you to change direction, passing the leash from hand to hand as he is. use in mastiff puppies.

On the opposite end of the bravery spectrum is Jupiter, the explorer. Jupiter is the girl who wants to follow the ravine, climb the vertical rock wall and defeat the dark lord.

She is Lara Croft in Mastiff form, though she is rather more fond of sausages, ear scratches, and belly rubs than has ever been reported of the real Lara.

Venus was very aptly named, because it is quite impossible to meet her and not like her. From day one, when she arrived in ADANA, she reacted to almost every situation by calmly approaching it and then turning around, hoping that she would rub her belly.

This turned out to be a winning strategy, for Venus. Whatever the situation, it almost always ends up rubbing his belly.

20220603 174358
The three enjoying a walk.

The three became so calm and friendly that they were eager to join the ADANA Dog Parade, in support of Manilva Pride. Naturally, when the day came, Jupiter had managed to injure himself slightly, and Marté decided he’d rather stay home. Venus indicated a preference for belly massages, which she managed to get.

Clancy Afb

Stepping in, at short notice, alongside London, Zack and Clancy were our four friendly and enthusiastic Malinois cross puppies.

malinois puppies
Three of the Podenco-Malinois puppies.

Drew, Kobey, Roby and Monkey are the latest four in a litter of podenco – malinois cross puppies, with playful energy to burn! Friendly, enthusiastic and strong-willed, they stole the show as a selection of ADANA dogs, along with many other ex-ADANA dogs that have been adopted, over the years, walked from Castillo to Duquesa Port.

The event was a huge success (two of the dogs involved have since been housed), so thank you to everyone who helped make it possible. A full selection of photos is available on the ADANA FB page.

Of course, if the world was perfect, I would have been delighted to take Lucky, my favorite monster, on the Manilva Pride march. In this perfect world, he would have strode, intently by my side, patiently sitting whenever we stopped, and happily accepting the attention of even the most intrusive, shrill, clingy child.

20220605 163800 2
Firm friends: Lucky and Ian

Alas, in reality, we are in the 2020s, so this would not have been possible. As much as it is absolutely necessary to dream, there remains the 100% probability that at one time or another, just when I least expected it, Lucky has happened to someone.

If you would like to donate, volunteer or provide a home for an abandoned dog, find more information on ADANA’s facebook page HERE