Shelter and sanctuary for stray dogs

Cedar Creek Lake Business Spotlight: Stray Dog Shelter and Sanctuary

Straydog Shelter & Sanctuary offers adoptions for stray dogs in the Greater DFW and Northeast Texas area. The shelter was founded by Pat & Bill Arnold over 25 years ago. Currently, Juana Arnold is the shelter manager at the facility which houses over 160 puppies. Straydog’s mission and vision are based on their love for animals. The staff, with the guidance of the Board of Directors, is committed to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming dogs that have been abused, neglected and abandoned. The no-kill shelter and sanctuary is located in Eustace, Texas.

Stray Dog Virtual Tour

Did you know you can see a virtual tour of Straydog’s facilities? The house comprises approximately twenty acres, which provides plenty of room for the animals. Take a few minutes to view the virtual tour of the facilities and understand the passion the team has for animals.

Continuous values

Straydog’s enduring values ​​include many exceptional standards. Each forms the foundation of a happy dog ​​home until they find suitable new owners to continue caring for them.

• A healthy and happy life (Rescue)

• Shelter for dogs never adopted (Sanctuary)

• Necessary medical care is covered (Health)

• Vaccinations, heartworm treatments (Health)

• Castration and sterilization (Health)

• Large courtyards outside (Security)

• Place like dogs together (Safety)

• Indoor kennels for young animals (Security)

• Inside senior animal enclosures (Security)

• Recovery area for dog healing time (Security)

• Daily animal walk and playtime (Quality Time)

• Guardians take the time to love, pet, play and cuddle the dogs every day (Quality Time)

• Provides Adoption Days every week (Adoption)

• Organizes annual events focused on providing high quality homes for dogs (adoption)

• Educates the public about sterilization and sterilization (Educate)

• Includes a mandatory home visit during the adoption process (Bonheur)

Find and meet your next pet

Are you interested in giving a new home to a dog in need? Search Stray Dog for dogs that need a new home. Visit the Stray Dog Adoption Page and see different races, short hair, long hair, male and female. Click on the image of the selected animal and find more details about each dog.

Contact information for Straydog

Straydog would like you to come and adopt a new pet. To start the process, remember to display the Home page. To see the Frequently Asked Questions section of their site. Contact the facility if needed by calling (903) 479-3497 or using contact form on their website. And you’re about to provide a happy home for a rescued dog – who’s been cherished and cared for during his time of transition!

You can make a difference in the life of a happy pet! Adopt today or consider volunteer for Straydog!