Sled Dog Racer evacuates hundreds of at-risk pets in Ukraine

Igor Tracz from Poland is known for winning sled dog sports and bikejoring championships. He is used to traveling with dogs, so he has the right resources to transport those in need. So he knew he had to help when he heard about animals in trouble in Ukraine.

Tracz is currently transporting as many at-risk animals out of Ukraine as possible. Thanks to donations from dog lovers around the world, he was able to save more than 250 dogs and cats from the path of the Russian invasion. He has also helped shelters and rescues in Ukraine along the way. As long as he has the resources to do so, he will continue to save lives!


From sled dog racer to animal rescuer

After the terrifying Russian invasion began, Tracz posted on Facebook to see how he could help. He and his close friends and neighbors were happy to help rescue dogs and cats from dangerous areas, but the need for help ended up being even greater than they had imagined. They even rescued children and women on their travels.

“I posted on Facebook, ‘Hey if anyone needs my help, I have special trucks perfect for dogs that need to be evacuated from Ukraine’, and the next day I left,” said Tracz.

Volunteer animals help Ukraine

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He said they had rescued around 250 dogs and cats from Ukraine so far. Many of the animals they transport are injured and need medical attention to survive. A dog they took in lost its paws during a bombardment. Unfortunately, he didn’t survive, but they saved many more like him.

By saving animals, they also bring donations to neighboring organizations. They delivered over 60 tons of food and supplies to shelters that were running out. Their efforts have saved the lives of more animals than they ever imagined!

Dog rescued in Ukraine

A rescue mission in progress

When the invasion began, Jenny Test from the USA was also eager to rescue dogs in Ukraine. She has run a dog daycare and training center for over 25 years, so she is always eager to work with animals in need. However, the diagnosis of chronic Lyme disease prevented her from doing practical lifesaving work.

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However, Test didn’t let his illness stop him from making an impact. Although she was unable to travel to Ukraine to help, she was able to organize a fundraiser for Tracz. She raised money for gas so Tracz could continue to make as many trips as needed. Some sponsors also donated food and supplies to Tracz after seeing the fundraiser.

Rescued Ukrainian puppy

“Fundraising is to keep it on the road. He has shelter on wheels thanks to what he does at the World Championships,” said Test. “The sponsors are giving free dog food – it’s just perfect and I really want to get it moving.”

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As long as there are animals in need and enough funds to bring him in, Tracz will continue his rescue mission. If you’d like to help fund Tracz’s travels, consider donating to the fundraiser.

Featured Image: Facebook