Someone Locked This Dog In A Cage And Dumped Him Into A River

VanBuren is a sweet, outgoing Pit Bull-type puppy who loves to give kisses and is eager to please those around him. So how did he get stuck in a black wire cage half-submerged in a river with a badly broken leg?

According to her caretakers at the Jackson County Animal Shelter in Michigan, VanBuren was lucky. If someone hadn’t spotted the pup and contacted animal control before the area’s recent fight of rain, he would probably have drowned in the rising waters.

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“Full of tremors and kisses”

Once arrived at Jackson County Animal Shelter, VanBuren has been checked by veterinary staff. They discovered that the dog’s right front limb had suffered a “nasty break”.

The pup, who is estimated to be around five to six months old, does not appear to have any lasting physical or emotional scars from her ordeal. His leg and the few cuts and scrapes he sustained should be healing well. More importantly, he always loves and trusts people.

“He is absolutely a restless bottom and full of kisses for everyone,” Lydia, spokesperson for the Jackson County Animal Shelter Sattler told the Huffington Post.

VanBuren finds a forever home

Shortly after his rescue from the river, VanBuren’s friends at the shelter deemed him ready for adoption, writing on Facebook:

“We know he would heal much better in a foster home and there is no reason he should wait to be adopted! JCAS will continue medical care for her adoption after the leg.

He’s since found his forever family and if this photo is any indication, he’s pretty happy about it!


How to rehom a dog safely

Although VanBuren’s story has a happy ending, most abandoned dogs, especially those placed in dangerous situations like this, are not so lucky. If the river had been higher or if VanBuren had not been found then, this story could have ended in tragedy.

His former owner may have intended to “put him out of his misery” due to his broken leg. They may have been ashamed to abandon him at a shelter or shelter. However, regardless of the circumstances, the dog’s safety should always come first.

If you or someone you know is faced with relocating a pet, please do so with caution and responsibility. For those struggling with vet bills, the resources in this article might help you keep your pup home.

If you are still unable to keep your dog, first contact the shelter or shelter where you adopted him. Many organizations require animals to be returned to them if the adopter’s circumstances change and they are unable to continue caring for the animal.

Those who got their dog from a breeder or other source may be tempted to list them on Craigslist or social media, but doing so can allow your pet to fall into dangerous hands. Your best option is to entrust your dog to a trusted friend or family member. Otherwise, contact a reputable rescue organization in your area for assistance.