Stray dog ​​found in Norwood, Massachusetts, with severe burns

Image of the stray dog ​​found covered in severe burns in Norwood, Massachusetts. Credit: [email protected]

Police in Norwood, Massachusetts are investigating a case of animal cruelty after a stray dog ​​was found covered in severe burns.

As reported this Friday, September 2 on the Massachusetts State Police Twitter account, the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) is currently caring for a one-year-old mixed-breed dog. She was reportedly found wandering in Norwood, MA, suffering from severe burns.

ARL law enforcement is jointly investigating the incident with the Norwood Police Department as a case of animal cruelty and abandonment. He asks the public for any assistance in the investigation.

The case unfolded last week when the dog, now named ‘Annie’, was brought to Norwood Police Station after being found along Route 1 in the Ellis Avenue area. She was wearing a leash and collar but had no tag or microchip.

Concerned for her welfare, Norwood Animal Control Officer Henry Cerqueira contacted ARL law enforcement and Annie was later transported to Dedham Animal Care and Adoption Center in the ARL.

Annie’s second degree burns cover her head, neck, shoulders, forelimbs and abdomen. The first priority of the medical team at ARL’s shelter was to help him manage his pain and treat his injuries.

Given the severity of the burns and the level of pain, Annie was transferred to Tufts Veterinary Emergency Treatment & Specialties (Tufts VETS) in Walpole, MA for several days to receive 24-hour intensive care and management of pain. Annie has since returned to ARL’s care but has a long road, possibly months, of recovery ahead of her.

ARL and its partners in this case are committed to providing this dog with the treatment she desperately needs and to being vigilant in investigating and determining who may have been responsible for this act of gross cruelty.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact ARL Law Enforcement at 617-426-9170 x110 or email [email protected]; or Norwood Police at 781-440-5100.

ARL would like to thank Tufts VETS and Norwood Police and Animal Control for their continued assistance in caring for Annie.


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