Stray dog ​​refuses to leave side of injured pregnant dog after she was hit by car – World News

Stray dog ​​Murphy spent hours waiting with the injured dog until help arrived – and refused to leave her until she recovered from her injuries and was granted a home

Murphy (crossbreed) waiting by the side of a road with Marley (German Shepherd)

Dogs are known for their loyalty to humans – but a stray proved that this trait extends to other dogs too.

When Marley – a German Shepherd – was tragically hit by a car and left for dead, an unknown dog came to sit by her side until help arrived.

Refusing to leave his side, the stray – who was named Murphy – waited hours for someone to stop his car and check on his new canine companion.

Suzette Hall of Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue picked up the dogs from a busy road in Muscoy, California after receiving a phone call about them.

She said: “Murphy lay by her side until we rescued them both.

“It was one of those car rides where I prayed all the time. Honestly, I thought she died in my car and I was in tears.”

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Marley and Murphy go to the vets


Suzette Room)

Murphy refused to leave her throughout her treatment


Suzette Room)

Touched by Murphy’s commitment to the injured dog, she let the pair cuddle together on their journey, allowing Murphy to comfort her despite the pain.

Once they arrived at the vet, Marley was taken to an operating room to undergo major surgery to correct her long list of injuries sustained in the accident.

That’s when they found out she was pregnant.

“One of his legs had to be amputated and the other had to be operated on to be fixed,” Suzette said. “She was made to feel loved and comfortable. This girl had my heart immediately.”

“The amazing ICARE. Dog Rescue team and his amazing adoptive mum, Chrissy Johnson, stepped up to help him – we were and still are grateful.

“Four operations later, ICARE has never given up on her.”

We hope Marley and Murphy will be reunited soon


Suzette Room)

Between her surgeries and the birth of 11 healthy puppies, Murphy stayed by Marley’s side in their shared crate until she found a new home.

Suzette added: “Murphy was there with her and stayed close to her best friend.

“ICARUS made sure all of his puppies had amazing homes and now Marley has an amazing home.

“She plays the princess with her human sister and loves the property she lives in with her new family.”

Although Murphy stayed behind at Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue to undergo his own treatments at the vet, it’s hoped the couple will be reunited soon.

Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue works to rescue dogs that have been “dropped by humans”.

A statement read: “We partner with like-minded animal lovers who are dedicated to being a voice for those who cannot speak, to save them from the neglect, abuse and despair in which they find themselves. find for a life of new beginnings and promise.

“Our affiliates see the beauty in every rescue, regardless of how a dog looks or if it’s not a pedigree.

“They see every little life as precious, swearing that everyone will learn love and trust and know that they are not disposable – they are valued.

“Together we will restore their minds so their tails can wag again.

“We are an entire canine community of loving, selfless souls determined to protect, cherish and raise a rescue dog.

“No drama, no gossip, no judgement, no ulterior motives – just united in operation under the pretense that every animal has the best ability to become healthy, happy pets if the whole community plays an active role in helping feed the dog.

“We share leads, requests, opportunities, needs, requests and resources while working harmoniously towards our common end goal: to save as many lives as possible, one leg at a time.”

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