Sudbury News: ‘Turner and Hooch’ type dog looking for his forever home

This week’s Take Me Home Tuesday features Bortis, a four-year-old male Dogue de Bordeaux, a large and powerful breed also known as the French Mastiff.

Weighing around 52 kilograms, Bortis is an adult dog that has finished growing.

However, when it comes to weight, Alex Binns of the Sudbury SPCA said he arrived at the shelter a bit skinny and should weigh between 55-60kg.

And he eats a lot, between 6 and 8 cups of food a day.

Being an ancient breed of dog, the Sudbury SPCA is looking for someone who already has experience with mastiffs and is ready to adopt their guard dog behavior.

“He can definitely be a big, clumsy dog. I haven’t had him play with toys yet, but he just likes to be around people,” Binns said.

“He’s more, I think a bit more energetic than people might expect from this type of breed, but in general I think he’s honestly an amazing dog and no matter what, looking end of the day, once he figures out how to fit in with the family, I’m sure he’ll be awesome.”

The SPCA can provide step-by-step instructions on how to properly introduce it to the home and what it will need for potential families.

Some things to consider before adopting a large dog are that they often have a shorter lifespan than a small dog and they may have health issues, so between food and medical care, the families should be prepared for the expense.

While the shelter can’t confirm if Bortis is a purebred dog, Binns said he looks like one and it’s rare to have purebred animals at the shelter.

CTV News is pleased to announce that all of the animals that have been featured in this weekly segment have been adopted!