Tales of shaggy dogs from the ADANA refuge in Andalusia

A YEAR AGO, we anxiously tracked down the fire that would eventually evacuate ADANA.

Although the disturbances this summer were less extreme, we are still feeling the heat, with days when it was too hot to walk the dogs and even Catch wouldn’t leave the shade of his enclosure.

Most inconvenienced by the lack of walks are newly arrived dogs, housed in smaller solitary enclosures, while their health is checked, their vaccines applied and their traits evaluated, so that they can be placed in the most suitable enclosure. appropriate for their size, energy and personality.

Among these recent arrivals are Oakley and Sasha.

Oakley is a calm and friendly large mastiff, with a beautiful brindle coat, and looks so much like Ding (one of our calm and friendly large female mastiffs) that it is unthinkable that they are not closely related; brother and sister, most likely. They were found in almost the exact same location, albeit a few months apart.

Ding, Oakley lookalike

He’s so “Ding-a-like” that he was given the name Oakley, only after “Dong” was narrowly rejected, as it didn’t seem appropriate for a large male dog.

Oakley has the exact same gentle nature as Ding and, just like her, seems to have had limited exposure to people prior to her arrival. He had obviously never been introduced to a leash, but quickly learned to appreciate its value as a tool to keep himself with him as he went wherever he pleased.

Sasha is a handsome cross mastiff, with more than a passing resemblance to Scooby Doo.

His case is sad, as he was brought to ADANA following the death of his owner, somewhat bewildered by the sudden changes and very shy around strangers.

Walkies for Sasha and Ding

Walking with her favorite volunteer is Sasha’s therapy, her nervousness visibly diminishing with each step. He walks very well and always likes to make friends with other dogs. Although he remains shy around new people, the time to get to know Sasha is during his walks, especially if you have some carefully pre-arranged sausages.

luckydingsasha 1
Ding and Lucky with Sasha behind.

Lack of walking opportunities was a short-term problem for the two newcomers, but one that has thankfully been resolved, as Sasha has recently moved into the paddock already housing Ding, who has quickly become her favorite, and Lucky, whose the transition from a mischief-delivery system to a well-behaved, socialized dog seems almost complete, although frankly I’m afraid he’s planning something big.

Ding is a quiet, sweet girl, almost tailor-made as a feather mate for Lucky, but the successful introduction of another big buck into the pen is a tribute to both Sasha’s character and the huge upgrades recent updates from Lucky. As an ADANA volunteer, it doesn’t seem right to have a favorite pen but currently it’s really the favorite pen that I absolutely don’t have.

Oakley adopted
Oakley adopted and settled into his new home.

Oakley, on the other hand, after spending less than two weeks with us, was adopted by a family who saw his photos and his biography, on ADANA’s FB page, and immediately drove for four hours, to pick it up. I hope they rename it, ‘Dong’.

Although it is common for dogs arriving at ADANA to exhibit undesirable traits, such as anxiety, excessive turbidity or poor socialization, it is important to point out that there are also those who are beautifully adapted, but for whom we are still (sort of) unable to find accommodation. Examples should include Admiral, Hannah, and Canela.

Admiral arrived a year ago, a soft and cuddly mastiff, loving affection, friendly to other dogs (although he doesn’t fully welcome loud, large alphas) ​​and easy to walk, calm, attentive and eager to please. At seven years old, he is not a puppy at all, but he still has many good years ahead of him. The other side of the coin is the calm, easy-going and submissive character, which would make him such an easy dog ​​to deal with.

Hannah is a beauty.

Hannah is a breathtakingly beautiful girl. young, pretty, friendly and playful. She arrived six months ago, barely a year old, and has been making friends and admirers ever since.

It’s a mastiff cross, the kind more like a large Labrador and so cheerful and playful that it occupies a pen with seven or eight somewhat smaller, but equally well socialized and playful friends.

Ian assaulted his sausages.

My last meeting with Hannah was following the installation of a swimming pool, at ADANA, just another crazy and insane project, aimed at supporting dogs despite the summer heat. I walked into the enclosure eager to take photos of the dogs in the pool only to be betrayed by my own sausages as for a dog they instantly jumped out of the pool and assaulted me leaving me soaking wet head to toe.

Damn the sausages!

Canela is a small German Shepherd, possibly four years old, who arrived about six months ago, heavily pregnant, abandoned by her owner.

Next time the dogs should join their own people – This clearly represents a better system.

Steeped in Canela’s beautiful character, the entire litter of puppies flew off the shelves, while even the hot buns looked on longingly. Surprisingly, however, Canela remains.

She has the most wonderful, loving, and sweet nature, which instantly shows up as soon as you try to walk her. Don’t expect over-excitement or misbehavior, but one problem could be that she might continually spin forward and jump, hoping for cuddles. It’s not that she doesn’t like to walk, but rather that she prefers hugs.

Lucky charm

It would have been hard to believe when I first met Lucky that one day he would join the ranks of these well-rounded, well-behaved dogs, but we seem to be on that same path. Watching him share treats with Sasha, or run around and play with Ding, it’s hard to imagine him destroying civilization.

You’re welcome, civilization. You’re welcome.