Thai Ridgeback Dog Breed Photos, Characteristics, and Facts

Thai Ridgebacks may be some of the most loyal companion dogs in the world, but they are also a primitive and somewhat stubborn breed. This means that the Thai Ridgeback needs a human who is willing to stay alert and stick with obedience training. A Thai Ridgeback will push the envelope once in a while, especially when it comes to getting out of the house or escaping the yard just to test you.

The Thai Ridgeback is also extremely loyal. Once you become “their” human, your Thai Ridgeback might become overprotective of you and somewhat aggressive towards strangers. To avoid alien aggression and resource protection, you will need to socialize your Thai Ridgeback as early as possible. With early socialization, the Thai Ridgeback can be an outgoing and friendly pup around everyone.

The Thai Ridgeback also has a high prey drive, which means leaving your dog off-leash or roaming freely in public areas is a gamble. Thai Ridgebacks tend to swoop in as soon as they see something, like a squirrel, rabbit, or other small animal, and chase it. Again, this is where consistent obedience training will also come in handy.

Although they are fairly active dogs, the Thai Ridgeback can do well in apartments and small abodes as long as they get regular exercise and walks. However, it’s important not to leave your Thai Ridgeback alone for too long, as this curious dog may engage in annoying and destructive behaviors.