‘The loneliest dog in the UK’ spends nine years in kennels waiting for his family to want him

Staffie cross has resided at Holbrook Animal Rescue since he was just eight months old – and is desperately hoping someone will come forward to offer him a nursing home

Freddie has lived at Holbrook Animal Rescue since he was eight months old

After spending nine years in kennels, he has become one of the loneliest dogs in the UK – and no one has yet come forward to rehom him.

10-year-old Freddie is at risk of dying in the rescue without knowing what it’s like to be loved by his own family.

He was brought to Holbrook Animal Rescue, in Horsham, West Sussex, when he was around eight months old – and has seen countless animals come and go in his time.

Unlike most kennels, Holbrook keeps their dogs in a house rather than traditional kennels, making it easier for animals to move from shelter to house.

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He was adopted twice – but was promptly returned both times


Holbrook Animal Rescue)

Although the Staffie cross was adopted twice, he was soon fired, spending almost no time with his ‘new’ families, reports SussexLive.

Since then, no one has shown interest in him, leading sanctuary owners Laura and Cliff Santini to call off the active search to find him his own family.

But they never gave up hope that the right owner would come one day.

Hayley Georgiou, a fundraising volunteer at the centre, said: “In many ways Freddie is the perfect pet.

He would make the perfect pet for the right owner.


Holbrook Animal Rescue)

“He has made great progress in his behavior.

“He is house trained, obedient and has a good recall so he can walk around off leash.

“He only needs about 45 minutes of walking twice a day, so he’s not one of the most energetic dogs.”

Freddie has been described as a ‘total candy’ with a ‘cheeky personality’ – and is said to ‘love cuddling, belly tickling and car driving’.

“The thing about Freddie is that he gets very attached to his owners and takes it upon himself to protect them,” Hayley said.

“As such, he needs a strong ‘pack leader’ as an owner who isn’t afraid to set boundaries and is consistent with his training.

“At first, Freddie likes women better, but over time he will relate to men just as well.”

“He will need someone patient as he will have time to settle in as he has spent most of his life at the animal shelter.”

If you are interested in adopting Freddie or any other animal cared for by Holbrook Animal Rescue, visit their website.

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