The most popular dog breed names in 2021 revealed

Sophie Hamilton

Welcome a new furry friend Joining the family is an exciting time for the whole household, but choosing a name – one you all agree on – can be tricky business.

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Now Online Pet Retailer revealed the most popular name for each dog breed, giving new owners much-needed inspiration. The website studied over 300 dog breeds and over 450,000 individual dog profiles over a six-month period.

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The top name of a Dachshundalso known as the sausage dog, is Rolo – inspired by the famous caramel-filled Nestlé chocolates, as is the breed’s distinctive coloring.

The top ten choice names for dachshunds also included Frank, Slinky, Coco, Minnie, Snoop, Digby, Peggy, Fudge and Sizzle.

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What is your favorite dog name?

The most popular name for a english bulldog is Winston, inspired by one of Britain’s most famous Prime Ministers, Winston Churchill, nicknamed the British Bulldog. Churchill’s own Bulldog was called Dodo.

Other popular names for this breed include Churchill, Buster, Bentley, George, Tank, Boris, Dexter, and Vinnie.

When it comes to border collie, this year, the most popular name is Skye. Single-syllable names are said to be ideal choices for this highly intelligent breed, as they are easy for collies to remember and easily respond to when busy with their favorite pastime – herding.

Jess, Max, Meg, Blue, Tess, and Finn are other ideal names for Border Collies that appear in the top 10.

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Dog hugs are simply the best!

We hope the queen reads because the corgi the most popular breed name this year is Candy! The monarch’s grandson, Prince William, and his wife, Duchess Kate, are also dog lovers and have a Cockerwhose most commonly used breed name today is Willow.

Labrador Retrievers are another favorite dog breed in Britain and their most popular name in 2021 is Bailey, while the dog of the moment, the Cockapoois often named Coco.

Here has SALVATION! we also love the current name of a Great Dane, which, in royal fashion, is Duke.

Check out more dog names in the list below…



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