This adorable dog named Cow had the best reaction when he was reunited with the family he lost

Dogs love their humans and have the best reaction when they come home, even if they just left to go to the mailbox. It’s happy tails and dog kisses when you come back, so it’s heartbreaking when a pet is truly separated from its family. A dog named Cow found himself in this predicament. The cow was somehow stolen from her family, according to information received by the Louisiana SPCA from the dog’s family. The dog found its way to the animal shelter after being found tied to a fence outside the SPCA. Cow was scared of his new surroundings at the shelter and it took him a while to warm up.

NeNe Lewis of the Louisiana SPCA told The Dodo: “He was very scared and growled softly when he met new people. When he was given treats and people “talked to him like babies,” he would stop. Ever since he was found tied to our fence, his reaction has been common. VCA Hospitals reports that “Fear and anxiety-related aggression commonly manifests in the veterinary hospital or in situations of social approach and manipulation. Dogs that show aggression are not vicious or vicious dogs. They are simply scared/frightened and anxious/nervous about a perceived or anticipated threat or unpleasant outcome.

In Cow’s case, it’s understandable that he would show frightening aggression after being in a new environment away from the family he knows and loves. Cow began to relax in his new surroundings after spending some time there as staff members searched for a family to adopt the black and white pup. To the surprise of Cow and the SPCA, the perfect family was the one he had been missing all along. In March, the shelter discovered that Cow’s family was frantically searching for their lost dog and were thrilled to hear he was safe at the shelter.


Louisiana SPCA

As Cow got used to his new people at the shelter, he was beyond excited when his owners showed up to take him home. He jumped off the walls and off his owner’s back after throwing himself straight into her arms to be held like a baby. It’s clear he missed his family and he was in his rightful place, right in their arms. SPCA workers had never seen Cow so happy. Shelter life is usually difficult for dogs, as they are constantly trying to protect their space from the various people passing by. Dogs often become anxious when they are in shelter for too long, always alert and prone to panic, which is why the initial Cow reaction is so common.

According to the ASPCA, there are approximately 6.3 million pets in animal shelters across America right now, of which approximately 3.1 million are dogs. Each year, more than 920,000 animals are euthanized, which is why the “adopt, not buy” incitement is so widespread. While animals are cared for in shelters, they are cared for and cared for by veterinarians until they are placed in a forever home or reunited with their families, which is always euthanasia friendly. More than 4.1 million shelter animals are adopted each year and about 810,000 of them are lucky enough to be reunited with their families, just like Cow.

If you are interested in adopting a shelter animal, check with your local animal shelter or the ASPCA.

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