This docile dog breed could make our family happy

They are not talked about much and, truth be told, it is also difficult to see them on a leash by passers-by in the city. And to think it’s Australia’s best-known mixed breed. In Europe, the first specimens of this loyal friend were born on a British farm.

It is not difficult to fall in love with this dog who expresses sympathy and gentleness and is sociable both with people and with other animals. It is a breed born from the cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Miniature Poodle and which shows a really pleasant and sweet face.

Fashionable and also hypoallergenic

Oftentimes, keeping a dog indoors can be uncomfortable, especially when shedding her coat. This little dog with a big personality has a coat that ranges from curly to wavy and can be white or chocolate in color. There is no shortage of cream, reddish, but also tricolor specimens. However, it requires maintenance because its fur, although hypoallergenic, grows quickly. A small detail that fades, as this breed of docile dog could make our family happy.

And to think that despite the passage of time, the Cavapoo, that’s the name of the mixed breed, maintains a weight that never exceeds eight kilos. Therefore, light, at most less than half a meter high, this dog is really very tender and with a look that transmits sweetness. And in this case, the coat really does the monk, since this breed of dog is able to bring joy, fun and positivity.

This docile dog breed could make our family happy

And our children will thank us, because he is able to relax on the sofa, like going out for a jog. A real passionate dog who inspires love and tenderness. The Cavapoo is an excellent pet. In this pandemic period, many people, especially the elderly, have suffered from loneliness. One thinks of the joy it would bring, a “teddy bear” in all respects, calm, calm and playful without excess.

Of course, they are very kind and fun, predisposed to play and also to walks. An ideal companion for the elderly who, under the pretext of having to walk them, will be able to make healthy movements in complete safety. In fact, the Cavapoo is not aggressive at all. When strangers come to the door, he will be heard barking, but that won’t stop them from entering. The Cavapoo is too kind a dog to be a fearsome guardian.

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