This Dog Immediately Relaxes In His Family’s Arms After Spending 5 Years Looking For Them

When Evanston Animal Shelter’s canine manager, Tanya Ohanian, received a call about a dog found nearby in Cook County, Illinois, she thought the pup was just a stray local.

What Ohanian didn’t know was that this dog had been taken from his family and had spent the past five years trying to get home.

But soon, with the help of a local organization called Microchip Hunters, the shelter miraculously obtained a more detailed account of the dog’s past.

The new information revealed that the pup was not an unnamed stray. The dog was named Dottie and she had a family she had missed for five years.

Soon, Ohanian was on the phone with Dottie’s family, telling them the amazing news: their best friend was back and waiting for them.

Dottie’s father, George Loving, had spent so much time missing his dog that he couldn’t believe the news.

“I cried many nights about this,” Loving told The Dodo.

Now, shockingly, she was back in his arms.

“We were all very, very happy,” Ohanian said.

Dottie’s family weren’t sure the pup would recognize them after so long, but it soon became clear that Dottie knew exactly who they were.

“There was never any hesitation,” Ohanian said. “It was just beautiful.”

You can watch the moment Dottie reunites with a family member here:

Even the shelter staff couldn’t help but shed tears as they watched the dog immediately relax at the touch of his loved one.

“It was emotional for all of us,” Ohanian said. “I think we were all in tears.”

It’s still unclear what Dottie’s journey over the past five years has involved. Her family may never know exactly what happened while she was gone, but that doesn’t matter now – they’re just glad she’s finally home.

To help other dogs like Dottie, donate to Evanston Animal Shelter here and Microchip Hunters here.