This Dog Whose Ears Were Cut in a ‘Sickening and Horrific’ Way Was Abandoned While Pregnant

Diana Nilsson

This adorable dog lost her ears and her home, but never her faith in people or her sweet tooth. The rescue volunteers love it to bits and know the ice cream-obsessed pup will make an amazing pet.

Have you ever met a pup that loves ice cream? To encounter Madge, a fat dog mom who has been through a lot in life but never lost faith in people. But she spent far too long in the rescue. She is now desperate to find a family that will love herfat lady that she is, and give her plenty of treats, preferably ice cream.

Abandoned mum with cropped ears

Madge, a 3-year-old Staffy cross breed, entered Good Life Dog Rescuevery pregnant as its cruel owners have abandoned it when she needed it most. She was not microchippedand the charity knows little about his past life.

To the grief of the charity, this puppy had his ears cut off in a “very sickening and absolutely horrible” operation.

Cropping dog ears is unnecessary and cruel treatment which can impact animal health for the rest of their lives. This is sore and involves a the dog’s outer ears are cropped or removed completely. This barbaric procedure has no other purpose than to make a dog look menacing or fierce. The cropping of the ears is illegal in uk.

Posted by Good Life Dog Rescue on Thursday, July 21, 2022

‘Absolute love’

Despite going through this traumatic experience and being abandoned, Madge hasn’t lost faith in humans. She is super magnet and friendly and love people. According to Good Life Dog Rescue, she has become the favorite of all its volunteers.

The charity wrote on its website:

Madge is an absolute sweetheart. She is gorgeous and a friendly, loving woman. She also loves ice cream almost as much as a hug.

Posted by Good Life Dog Rescue on Thursday, July 21, 2022

Madge’s ideal home: “A big freezer full of dog ice cream”

Madge spent way too much time in a shelter and is yearning for a loving forever home.

Its ideal owner will have experience in rescue dogs and make this fat lady feel special regardless of its “dropping undercarriage”.

Madge being a very sociable dog, she will appreciate the attention of her special human and its place on the sofa in the living room.

His perfect family will have no other pets, especially cats or young childrenso Madge can receive a solo act for the first time in his life.

Its future owner will also have to take into account the fact that Madge’s cropped ears prevent her from communicating effectively with other dogsand it may be difficult for other animals to read it.

Despite his big flame, the puppy walks well on a leash and will enjoy daily walks with his family. But what she will love even more is a large freezer full of dog ice cream.

Posted by Good Life Dog Rescue on Thursday, July 21, 2022

Good Life Dog Rescue is a small, volunteer-based charity. You can learn more about their rescue work and support them at their website.

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