This Dog’s Life Changed After He Was Rescued

Dancer spent the first five years of his life wandering the streets of Thailand. With no one to care for him and no home, he was forced to survive with very little food, water or shelter. The Soi Dog Foundation eventually rescued the unlucky pup and he traveled overseas before landing in Almost home animal rescue.

Dancer was a sweet boy who liked to be left alone, but quickly became a favorite among the volunteers. He enjoyed hanging out with people, relaxing on long car trips, and munching on chicken nuggets, but he preferred to be the only pet. This made it difficult to find a forever home for Dancer, until a woman and her son decided to try their luck with him.

It didn’t take long for Dancer and his human brother, James, to become best friends. They spent every moment together, whether it was watching a movie on the couch or digging together in the yard. All of their quality time helped Dancer adjust to his new home, so when another dog joined the family about a year later, he was ready. It would have seemed impossible before Dancer was saved by almost home, but with a little time and patience, he accepted his new four-legged family member with open paws. Now they love to play together and try to steal the best spot on the bed. Dancer has even become friends with James’ bunny!

Thanks to almost homeDancer has a loving home, the best big brother, and of them best furry friends. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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