This Heartbroken Dog Was Twice Thrown To The Shelter And Is Looking For Love Again

Diana Nilsson

This dog was so happy to be adopted that when his new owners left him at the shelter, it broke his heart. Patterdale player is looking for love again.

Digger is a young, healthy and handsome Patterdale, and yet it is constantly overlooked by potential adopters. He was heartbroken recently and is now looking for a loving family who will walk and play with him and not abandon him.

Adopted but returned to the shelter

Digger, a 3-year-old Patterdale, came Good Life Dog Rescuelike a wander dog. The puppy was more than happy after being recently adopted. But unfortunately, life with its new owner didn’t work resulting in the sorry doggie returning to shelter five months later.

According to the rescue, “His owners felt they couldn’t give Digger what he needed” as the dog seemed to have been overly protective of his humans once settled.

Described as ‘a very affectionate dog’this hairball like to stay active and is made for walks and hikes.

Posted by Good Life Dog Rescue on Tuesday September 27th, 2022

Looking for a special home

According to the Good Life Dog Rescue, all their dogs have lived a sad and difficult life and come to their charge in need of special love from “Rescue Flag Flyers” who are willing to give them time, dedication and patience. And Digger is no exception.

Posted by Good Life Dog Rescue on Thursday May 5th, 2022

Good Life Dog Rescue wrote:

He loves his ball and his game times and we think a confident owner and a super active, energy burning house would be ideal. Digger has shown no problem with dogs in kennels, but due to his confidence we feel the single dog house is best suited.

The charity would also love to hear from Patterdale Lovers who have ever owned this breed and anyone else who has committed to teaching the cheeky pooch ‘fair boundaries and rules’. Avid hikers and families with older children are welcome.

The shelter adds:

Digger is handsome and very friendly at the kennel and we need to find him a home with experience as soon as possible.

Posted by Good Life Dog Rescue on Thursday May 5th, 2022

Good Life Dog Rescue is a small, volunteer-based charity that helps puppies like Digger find their happy endings. He is based in Leeds, England. You can learn more about their work and support them at youheir website.

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