UK to return for season 4

The dog is man’s best friend. In fact, it goes further than that. The right dog can, on an individual level, be the personal best friend of its respective owner, man, woman or child, to the point of challenging even the deepest interpersonal human friendships. The media landscape is apparently oversaturated with canine content. Countless movies and television programs use a dog for comic relief or some sort of treat for an audience that would otherwise be apathetic to a series. However, a few more recent shows, instead of using a puppy as an on-screen reflection, have chosen to showcase dogs for what they can truly be: lovable, essential family members.


Here is where The Dog House: UK happily leaps into the public eye. The series, which has just released its third season, is set in the English countryside at a humble animal sanctuary, Wood Green. In each episode, would-be adopters, each with their own struggles, arrive at the rural rescue in hopes of adopting an animal. Potential adoptees are the stars of the show, and the excellent staff at Wood Green work diligently to match adopters with the animal of their dreams.

As such, audiences should be begging HBO Max to to bring back The Dog House: UK come back for another season.

Adorable adoptees

Any television program that results in the adoption of animals, whether rehomed or rescued, is undeniably a net positive for society. The Dog House: UK can certainly be counted among these series. Each adorable dog featured while performing a The Dog House: UK episode is available for adoption. The exception are those that have been picked up by potential owners who appear on the show.

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Over the past couple of years there has been a massive influx of dogs who have unfortunately been returned to shelters after being adopted by people looking for a quick boost during the Covid-19 pandemic, only to find that they were not up to the responsibility of pet owners. This unfortunate massive return of rescue animals, while heartbreaking for animal lovers everywhere, has necessitated shows like The Dog House: UKwhich highlights the need for pet adoption and encourages potential adopters everywhere to seek out local shelters, all the more urgent.

Wood Green RescueShelter staff

Aside from the colorful cast of cherubic canids, there is another set of spectacular stars on The Dog House: UK: the show’s resident fantastic staff rescue facility, Wood Green. There’s an amusing secretary who taunts potential adopters as they take their first hesitant steps through the doors of the rescue facilities and a group of capable caretakers who, in addition to their day-to-day duties, from cleaning the many cages to feeding hungry rescues, are tasked with pairing adopters with their perfect animal friend.

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People who work in rescue centers are grossly underpaid and often undervalued. As such, it’s incredibly refreshing to see their hard work showcased on an international platform. Ultimately, saving dogs isn’t all about licks and scratches. It’s dirty, and it can be heartbreaking. The staff at Wood Green are to be commended and their work to save the dogs is nothing short of heroic.

Dogs are the real lifesavers PuppyKisses

Often it’s not just the adorable adoptees The Dog House: UK who are looking for a purpose. People who walk through the great door of the Wood Green Rescue Facility often have their own issues, ranging from emotional struggles to physical disabilities.

It’s almost cliché at this point to refer to the oft-repeated slogan of animal adopters everywhere, “I didn’t save them. They saved me.” However, The Dog House: UK sheds new light on this tired saying. Instead of focusing on the rescue animals, aside from brief glimpses of their lives inside the cages provided to them by the Wood Green Rescue Center, they are not presented as tragic characters. Rather, the series chooses to focus on the struggles of adopters. Dogs are real lifesavers and not just lifesavers.

The Dog House: UK is an undeniable delight. More importantly, it highlights the importance of animal adoption and the ways in which rescuing a dog can serve to improve one’s own life. At a time of unprecedented loneliness, coupled with the sad truth that countless dogs, who had seemingly found forever homes, have been returned to rescue centers in recent years, a sight that encourages adoption is d all the more important. Even if they have to turn around and beg, the public must do everything in their power to get The Dog House: UK back for another season.