What to Consider When Building or Buying a Dog House

A doghouse should feature materials that are durable, insulating, easy to work with, strong and affordable, according to Hepper. Some pet owners prefer to make their kennel out of plastic. Although plastic dog houses come in a variety of colors and are inexpensive, they are not the best for warmth due to lack of insulation. Concrete kennels are a great permanent option, but the ground may be too cold for the dog to lie on in the winter. With concrete kennels, it is best to place warm litter on the floor of the kennel. Fiberglass is another option when making dog houses. It is well insulated but hard to cut when adjusting to size. Be sure to wear eye protection when sawing through fiberglass. Brick dog houses are sturdy, well insulated and weatherproof. The downside to brick homes is that laying bricks can be tricky and you may need a professional.

Wood is the best option for making a doghouse because it is easy to cut and lightweight. However, protect it with varnish to prevent the wood from rotting. Wood is preferred over metal and plastic because the material doesn’t absorb too much heat and cold (via Dog). Find wood without toxic substances in dyes or paints. Smooth out any sharp or rough edges to prevent your dog from getting splinters on their paws.