Where is Olivia Wilde’s dog? Rescue Group Responds to Nanny’s Remarks

Olivia and Jason’s former nanny told the Daily mail in comments posted on October 18 that in November 2020, the month Olivia and Jason announced their split, the actress arranged for her dog to live with her New York-based dog walker. The nanny said it happened weeks after Olivia met her now boyfriend Harry Styleswho plays in don’t worry darling.

The nanny also said she told Jason she “knew someone who loved” the dog and “was ready to take him in.”

Olivia and Jason put together a rare united front while denounce the multiple accusations made about them by the nanny, who claimed Daily mail she was fired without severance pay and also claimed the actor once got angry that his ex had allegedly made him a ‘special dressing’ for Harry.

The former couple told E! News in a joint statement last week, “As parents, it is incredibly heartbreaking to learn that a former nanny to our two young children would choose to publicly make such false and slanderous accusations about us.”

Olivia and Jason also accused the nanny of launching a “campaign of harassment against us, our loved ones, close friends and colleagues” and said they plan to “continue to focus on nurturing and protecting of our children with the sincere hope that she will now”. choose to leave our family alone.”

In addition, Olivia then posted on her Instagram stories an excerpt from Nora Ephron1983 novel, Stomach painswhich included the description of a character doing house dressing.