Wicklow wife and rescue dog Indy will represent Ireland at European agility competition

LAURA Murphy and her faithful four-legged friend Indy will represent Ireland at the FCI Agility European Open which will take place in Belgium from Thursday.

The Open will feature the best dogs and handlers from 39 countries competing against each other.

Laura runs WaggaMammas Agility in Enniskerry, and she and Indy will also wear Irish colors when they take part in the IFCS Agility World Championships in the Netherlands from August 31-September 4, having previously represented the Ireland at the World Agility Open held in May.

“The World Agility Open was my first time representing Ireland at an event so I had no expectations, just getting there was great. We ended up getting into the biathlon final and Indy handled everything really well, including the big crowd there, we had a few crashes and finished 19th, but I was happy with that,” Laura said.

Indy is a six-year-old border collie who Laura found a home for after being dumped as a young puppy in a plastic bag at a rescue shelter in County Mayo.

“She was put back in a plastic bag with other puppies, with straw at the bottom of the bag.

“The woman who left her actually asked to get the plastic bag back. She is an amazing dog and the perfect pet. She is really calm and friendly and gets along brilliantly with humans and other dogs.

Dog agility is a canine sport in which a handler leads a dog through an obstacle course in a race for time and accuracy.

“Indy excels in agility,” added Laura.

“I started with our family dog ​​when I was a teenager. It involves a lot of training and isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s all game-based.

“Border collies are a breed used to having a job, so they have a lot of energy. Agility is a great outlet for their work tendencies and also stimulates the dogs mind, as well as the physical exercise involved.

Laura also trains dogs in agility at her company WaggaMammas Agility.

“We focus on leading and motivating your dog, as well as teaching excellent basic skills. Our training is designed to ensure that every team of handlers can participate in official agility competitions in the future, and some of the dogs and handlers we’ve trained have joined me and Indy at different competitions.

“Even if you never want to compete, there are still many benefits for you and your dog.”

Laura and Indy will also compete in the semi-finals of the Novice Cup to be held at KCIAF in the UK, the final of which, if successful, will be held at Crufts.

If you want to keep up with Indy and his siblings, you can follow them on Instagram – @thewaggymama and follow the Irish team’s progress at the European Open via the Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com /groups/ 559486672390410/?ref=share.