World’s Oldest Dog Owner Reveals Secrets to a Dog’s Long Happy Life

Owner Gisela Shore of Florida says the secret to 21-year-old Chihuahua TobyKeith’s long life is healthy genetics, good nutrition and a loving home, after Guinness World Records crowned him the world’s oldest dog

TobyKeith is a Guinness World Records holder at the age of 21

A new Guinness World Record for the oldest living dog has just been confirmed in Florida, USA.

The chihuahua named TobyKeith was born on January 9, 2001 and had his golden age record checked at 21 years and 66 days on March 16, 2022.

His owner, Gisela Shore, was thrilled with his official title, after rescuing him from an animal shelter when he was just a few months old.

She told Guinness World Records, “It definitely made me smile!”

Gisela believes the key to TobyKeith’s long life is regular exercise, healthy genetics, a diet of vegetables, rice and chicken, and most importantly, a loving home.

Gisela saved 150 dogs like TobyKeith


It was formerly called Peanut Butter


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In 2001, Gisela was volunteering at Peggy Adams Animal Rescue when an elderly couple abandoned their puppy because they could no longer care for him.

The tiny beige Chihuahua was originally named Peanut Butter, although Gisela soon changed his name to TobyKeith after adopting him.

Over the next two decades, Gisela and TobyKeith developed a strong bond, and it exceeded the usual lifespan of an average Chihuahua, which can range from 12 to 18 years.

When he turned 20, Gisela realized he might be the oldest living dog, and Guinness World Records confirmed his title just a few weeks ago.

TobyKeith celebrated by getting his nails cut, going for a drive and eating his favorite meat treat, a slice of turkey.

Gisela describes the old man as “lively, friendly and sweet” and says her best friend is a 28-year-old parrot named Coco.

The gentleman shares his home with two other dogs, a seven-year-old American Bulldog, Luna, and a three-year-old Chinese Crested, Lala, and a 32-year-old parrot named Coqui.

TobyKeith has heart disease, but it doesn’t affect his daily life. Every morning he gets up at 6:30 a.m. and regularly takes short walks with Gisela.

The oldest dog ever recorded by Guinness World Records was an Australian cattle dog named Bluey, owned by Les Hall of Rochester, Victoria, Australia.

Bluey was born in 1910 and worked for almost 20 years, before being put to sleep on November 14, 1939, at the age of 29 years and 5 months.

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