You’re Unprepared For The Amount Of Fur That Comes Off This Samoyed Blowing Down His Coat

woman combing and grooming and Samoyed

Courtesy of tinkandmeek / TikTok

Samoyeds are among the most beautiful dogs in the world. They are white as snow, have a perpetual smile on their soft, round faces, and are so, then Floofy. People love their happy dispositions and cold-weather hiking skills, but that’s really what we’re all here for.

However, as expected, the flow gives and the flow takes away. It’s heavenly to look at, but comb through whatever fur takes still. If you’ve never done this before, then please believe me when I say you’re not ready for the amount of fur that comes out of this little earth cloud named Meeko.

It’s just half a dog! Meeko’s owner (tinkandmeek on TikTok) said it took “about an hour” and there was apparently enough brushed fur to spawn an additional Samoyed. If you’re the type of person who needs to see the other half of Meeko brushed so you don’t feel out of balance all day, the second side is available. Together, the two videos totaled nearly 6 million views after being posted on March 31.

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The TikTok account follows the adventures of two Denver-based Samoyed sisters, Meeko and Tink. And while there are videos of hiking and outdoor adventures, the vast majority of the content is indeed fur-based.

Spring ‘blows’ are especially important, given the Samoyed’s thick, warm coat, but it’s easier to brush out all that fur when they get regular grooming. Luckily, Meeko and Tink’s mother gives future Samoyed owners a good look at what they’re signing up for. In short: invest in a good brush.