Zoo guest captures spooky moment dog walks into gorilla enclosure

UPDATE 06/23/2022 –

The San Diego Humane Society (SDHS) named the dog “Mighty Joe Young” after his crazy adventure in the gorilla enclosure. They gave him a health check and castrated him. He was scared and had a few ticks, but other than that he was fine.

Now the owner of Might Joe Young has come forward to claim it. They said his real name is Meatball, and he escaped his home and went to the zoo on his own. The owners wished to remain anonymous and did not provide further details of Meatball’s escape.


“The dog was very easygoing, gentle, a nice dog. Very easy to leash,” said SDHS Officer Samantha Clark. “He was incredibly lucky not to have been injured when he met.”

Meatball’s family installed a cart system in their yard so they could tie the pup outside without worrying about him running off again. Although after this event he probably had enough adventures for a while.

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Guests at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park recently witnessed a terrifying interaction when a stray dog ​​entered the gorilla enclosure. No one knows exactly how a dog got into the zoo or enclosure, but once a gorilla started chasing the dog, everyone freaked out.

A few guests filmed the interactions between the dog and the gorilla. Both are innocent animals that don’t deserve to be hurt. But unfortunately, if a fight broke out, the dog wouldn’t stand a chance next to the strength of the gorilla. Fortunately, zoo staff and animal rescuers rushed to the scene and sorted out the chaos before anyone was hurt.

Dog in the gorilla enclosure

Stray dogs enter the zoo

According to the zoo, several dogs were roaming the property on the day of the incident. Yet no one knows how these dogs got into the zoo in the first place. Somehow, a shepherd mix found its way into the gorilla enclosure, where a gorilla known as Frank was roaming.

Several zoo guests whipped out their phones once they spotted a dog exploring the gorilla exhibit. In the video footage, Frank noticed the dog and started walking near it. A large waterfall surrounds the enclosure, so the dog had nowhere to escape.

Soon the gorilla chased the dog around the enclosure. Watching the video is a nerve-wracking experience, so it must have been especially terrifying for viewers. Many guests shouted Frank’s name to try to distract him from the dog.

Gorilla Chase Dog

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Passers-by tried to distract the gorillas to coax the dog. Staff eventually escorted people out of the area,” wrote journalist Hunter Sowards.

All animals and humans are safe

Zoo staff and people from the San Diego Humane Society came as soon as they heard about the dog. Zoo staff members safely removed the gorillas from the enclosure. They explained that recall training is an important safety procedure for park animals.

Once the gorillas were cleared away, shelter staff approached the dog, who was understandably shaken. Still, he was friendly and allowed strangers to leash him and give him treats. Fortunately, none of the other dogs found in the zoo made it into the exhibits.

Woman rescuing dog from gorilla enclosure

“Our humanitarian workers were able to move in and safely leash the shepherd and bring him back to our Escondido campus for assessment,” the humanitarian society said.

The dog did not have a microchip, so he is being held at the San Diego Humane Society to see if anyone claims him. If he has no family, he will be offered for adoption. The other dogs are also safe, but the shelter has not released information about them. It’s great that all humans and animals are doing well after this scary situation.

Watch the nerve-wracking video here:

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